Today, more than 60% of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) population still don’t have access to electricity, particularly in rural areas. Typically in remote areas of PNG, night-time economic activities are practically non-existent. Women cannot make productive use of their time to carry out the most basic household tasks. Children who help the women cannot study at night without proper light and complete their homework by candle light, an additional expense for parents. “Electricity is more than just a light”.
 MG Corporation has been collaborating with the local governments and corporates to support electrifying the country. MG Corporation has developed and innovative Solar System that has the potential to generate clean renewable electricity from the sun every day, saving money and helping the environment at the same time.
 Investing into MG solar system will dramatically lower electric bills and help protect against future utility rate increases by getting some or all of the electricity directly from the sun, which never sends a monthly bills.
 MG Solar systems will generate electricity without burning fuel or emitting greenhouse gases and other pollutants so it is a valuable tool for reducing environmental impact.
 Each System will be designed and will incorporates state-of-art technology.
 MG Solar systems has already been installed at health centers, shop houses and churches in Jiwaka Province generating electricity from sunlight and showing reliable performance with no failure. The highly positive results observed since the start of the project show that a local presence and practical solutions are key to resolving energy issues in PNG.
 Electricity prices continue to rise. By supplying people of PNG with electricity for their homes, businesses and communities - we are literally giving power to the people of PNG. That’s what we’re about and that will never change.


▶To collaborate with local Papua New Guinea partners to focus on electrifying the remote villages with a particular emphasis on sustainability with distributed generation from renewable sources.

▶To focus on 100 per cent renewable energy and increase access in remote areas. MG power back-up and solar systems will be built providing electricity to the people of PNG estimating totaling to more than 2.0million people within the timeframe of 3years.

▶The village power systems shall be built to provide electricity for lighting, televisions and various electrical appliances to improve people’s quality of life and economic development. Establish a strong network between PNG and Japan and create Job opportunities and Income for the benefit of the nation.



 Sun gives the Earth light and warmth (Irradiation Energy) and we utilize those irradiation energy and covert into power as per our requirements. Looking towards the availability of fossil fuels in the world we thought of moving ahead with alternative energy which cannot be destroyed, is freely available and no rules to avail the same. Solar energy is one of the alternative energy where there are so many scopes to do for our beautiful environment and helping changing the shape of the future generations.
 Papua New Guinea as a country is growing rapidly and so are the needs for alternative energy sources. We are dedicated to provide SOLAR POWER to light-up the remotest villages and communities. As a company our focus is on Innovation, Quality and Sustainability. We thrive to maintain excellent standards across our customers and ensure high quality outputs at all levels.
 At MG South Pacific , we do not just sell our products rather our focus is on building long lasting relationships with our clients and the nation. We are looking towards our valuable customer who will be interested in our solar products and support reducing the carbon emission and contribute to their cooperation towards environments.
 For information about our products, services and locations please go through the other sections of our website or send us your inquiry via an e-mail to sales@mg-corporation.com.

Managing Director



 It has been freely available to us from the very first day it shone. Yes... It is absolutely free, then in day one, today and to the very last day when it will shine no more. So are you making use of this free Gift? Who in this world would say no to this free Gift? Today is your chance to do something about getting this free GIFT from the sun. It is very safe as it is very clean and it is environment friendly. With solar use you are very considerate of not only yourself but also securing a better future for your children.
 Kosem Limited is very privileged to be the PNG connection to providing solar energy use products. MGSP is the vehicle through which Kosem Limited is partnering with MG Corporation of Japan to providing these high quality solar products in Papua New Guinea. With very high professional support from MG Corporation of Japan we are well geared to providing these high quality solar products throughout Papua New Guinea. We can deliver into the most remote rural area in Papua New Guinea where current power supply cannot reach our people.  We are prepared to supply, install, service and upgrade in all locations. We view our involvement as our contribution towards nation building by assisting our government in its efforts towards service delivery to our rural populace. We will provide prompt services to all requests from rural areas. As a testimony to this commitment we have installed three solar products to rural and remote health centers in the Jiwaka province. Our solar products are suitable for schools, health centers, business outlets and homes.
 At our own initiative we are now delivering to rural customers two products: SOLAR PRODUCTS & TVWAN so now you can watch NRL games in your own safe areas. More interests and more demands are coming into our supply centers for these two products. We are providing freezes, deep freezes and other positive users are mobile phone & computer charging and TV movies.
 NO ROAD! NO BRIDGE! NO WORRIES! & NO PROBLEMS. We are able to bring to you what you need on foot and install.
 You are on today...come see us today and enjoy city benefits in your village home today.

John P.Munnull

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